Facebook starts to follow the non-registered users

Two years ago, Facebook introduced the Audience Network advertising network. Until now, it allows application developers and site owners to use the service and the company’s instruments like the button “Like”, for example, show behavioral advertising to users registered in the social network. Facebook believes that due to the extensive database it can help provide people with the most relevant and high-quality advertising, but because now decided to give its customers access to both users who are not registered or authorized to Facebook. Watch for them, the cookies have her help, so that from now on, users will see a banner informing them of the changes in the policy of the company.

At the same time Facebook announced their intention to take care of an advertisement. Developed her strict standards do not allow automatic audio playback, promote unsafe products, or services. The company will deal with intrusive banners, closing an entire page. She even created a special technology that will determine whether the user can not accidentally click on an advertisement, missing by a tiny cross on a mobile device.

Moreover, Facebook has decided to allow users to edit their preferences, or even completely refuse to display behavioral advertising. To do this, simply go to the settings of social network or click on the AdChoices icon next to the ad. The company hopes that such measures will help to make advertising more effective.

30 May 2016

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Social network “Schoolmates” on Wednesday, added the “Wow!” Similar to the functionality of the button Like (”Like”) in the social networking site Facebook.
• 27 thousand Facebook users have deleted their pages in protest against granting the company of their personal information to advertisers »»»
Thousands of users in one day removed their pages in the social network Facebook, to compel the company to change its policy in respect of personal data of users.
• Livejournal and Facebook was accused of conspiring with advertisers »»»
Social networking and blogging services to gather information about users who clicked on banner ads and ads, and transmit it to the advertising agency, said Wall Street Journal.
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Social network Facebook would like to spread around the Internet, making each site in your page.
• Facebook acknowledged that the sale of user data »»»
Guide Facebook Inc has announced that developers of applications for social networks to sell identification numbers of users to a certain third-party broker.

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