A German court has recognized the computer radio

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig equated computer with Internet access to the radio, obliging the owners to pay a fee in the amount of 5.76 euros per month, as for the use of radio, said Tagesschau.
Pending in court were complaints from the two lawyers and one student. Petitioner pointed out that, because do not use the computer as a radio, I do not have to pay a fee for the use of radio receiving station.
Nevertheless, the court found that the Internet-PC, regardless of the subjective circumstances relating to its use, is a radio, including the fact that you can listen to the radio network, and thus falls under the law on radiosborah.
The court, however, clarified that the board computer can be charged only if the house is no radio or TV. As reported by Tagesschau, in Germany there are about 200,000 such households. Mandatory monthly fees for the use of radio and television are charged to citizens for financing social and legal German media.
Whoever has the apartment has at least one television set must pay 17.98 euros a month, and this amount already includes payment for using a radio receiving station. Who has the radio only, pay 5.76 euros per month. In 2007 a law was passed, extending the list of radios, which were included wired and wireless devices such as computer, laptop and cell phone.
GEZ employees can organize random checks in the flats to determine whether all the TVs and radios have been declared by the tenants. Inspection, however, are voluntary in nature: let representatives GEZ to her house no one is obliged. October 22, 2010 it became known that Prime Ministers of the 16 federal states have reached an agreement on reforming the system of fees for television and radio.
With the 2013 fee will be charged, not with the device, and to households. In this case, fees must be paid regardless of whether there is a household television or radio

29 October 2010

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• Roskomnadzor has already registered 500 blogerov- "trёhtysyachnikov" »»»
Violation of the most popular among bloggers is to use foul language (60% of all violations).
• Norway first in the world refuses to FM-radio and go to the format of digital broadcasting »»»
By 2017, all radio stations from Norway will be transferred to the format of FM DAB digital radio and DAB +.
• The state wants to impose "Mikhalkovskaya" tax computers and printers »»»
Ministry of Culture invited the Government to introduce a surcharge from computers, electronic books and printers.
• A U.S. court overturned a 30-year ban on computer use for the convict, finding it too cruel punishment »»»
U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the ruling prohibiting convicted cybercriminals to use the computer for 30 years after release.
• IBM introduced the "first neyrosinapticheskuyu computer chip" SyNAPSE with a completely new architecture, which works similarly to the brain »»»
The IBM introduced the "first neyrosinapticheskuyu computer chip", which includes one million neurons and programmable 256 million programmable synapses.

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