“VKontakte” will launch a domestic money transfer model “Odnoklassniki”

Social Network “VKontakte” will launch money transfers between users until the end of this year. The function will be available in the web version, as well as in mobile applications. This “News” told several sources familiar with the plans of the social network. Representatives of the network “VKontakte” this information is not confirmed nor denied.

Transfer money in social networks will be using any credit card. And it does not need to know the recipient’s card number - you can send money to a specific person’s name, attach a card account to your account in “VKontakte”. It is unknown what will be the size of the commission while translating.

In February this year, a similar service has been introduced social network “Classmates” in partnership with the bank VTB24. To convert you need to bind your card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro) to a profile in a social network, click on the “remittances”, select a recipient from your list of friends, indicate the sum of transfer. The recipient must also attach a map (there may be several) to the profile, then he can take transfer to any of the attached maps.

29 August 2016

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