Representatives of the IT-industry: schools should teach children ability to think. Of today’s graduates can not prepare qualified

Personnel shortage faced by the Russian IT-industry, forcing companies to cooperate not only with universities but also from high school, because the knowledge of entrants is such that one can not prepare qualified engineers, company representatives said ABBYY, “Kaspersky Lab and Facility Skolkovo on Tuesday held a round table “Competitiveness and Prospects of Russia in today’s IT-space.”

Cooperation with universities leading Russian IT-companies have established long ago - “my” chair in the MIPT, Moscow State University, Bauman and other leading universities in the first year there have ABBYY, “Kaspersky Labs and others, but on systematic work with high school representatives of the IT industry began to speak first. The relevance of the topic suggests that its discussion at the roundtable emerged spontaneously and lasted longer than the discussion of issues included in the original plan.

“Four years ago, unexpectedly revealed that students in three or four courses, which we considered as candidates for the job in a company, for the most part we do not have the necessary neither human nor professional qualities. It became clear that their learning something is missing to high school, and that we should start to work not only with students but with students, “- said in an interview with RIA Novosti correspondent Head Learning Center Kaspersky Labs’ Stanislav Shevchenko.

“The quality and quantity of applicants has become a problem” - says CEO of ABBYY Sergei Andreyev. He said that before our schools were able to “teach children to think.” It was such thinking, high-school graduates who have received higher education and then become a subject of interest of transnational high-tech companies, opening in Russia R & D-centers. “They are not bazki these develop, they come to solve complex engineering problems. For example, Boeing in our country performs aerodynamic calculations, it is the hardest thing in the aircraft industry. They come here for the engineers who know how to solve problems that they did not decide to Nobody - and that these engineers were to continue, we need effective, producing thinkers High School “-” Andreev said.

Turkot Alexander, executive director of the IT-direction Fund Skolkovo, drew attention to the paradoxical situation in Russia. “Who knows how to think” IT-trained engineer, had just graduated from high school, earning many times more than his age, a profession, for example, a lawyer. But competition in universities for IT-specialty - two people in place, while the economic profession, he may be up to eight people in place. Graphic and sad testimony dangerous deterioration of secondary education Turkot see, inter alia, that the once highly popular magazine Kvant, awakened interest in the exact sciences and engineering creativity is not one generation of local specialists, is now “bends.”

26 April 2011

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