Chinese authorities blocked VPN services on the eve of the G20 summit

4-5 September 2016 in China, located in Hangzhou, will host a summit “Big Twenty”, the participants of which are the 20 countries that represent the largest national economy in the world. service representatives told Seed4.Me] [that on the eve of the summit, the Chinese authorities have launched a massive campaign against the VPN-services.

August 23, 2016 at Seed4.Me hit DDoS. According to the company the protection provider, it was an attack capacity of over 300 Gb / s over the UDP, to be exact - “UDP amplification spoofing”, ie, the service was not attacked by a classic botnet, and a variety of dedicated servers with huge TV.

“Then, access to our servers started blocking, and not as before, - say representatives Seed4.Me -. In 2015, the Chinese government, or rather the country’s largest operators of communications, China Telecom and China Mobile, use DNS spoofing (poisoning) to block access to . VPN sites providers and VPN nodes Now providers aggressively “cut” L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN immediately after the connection is established, - tested and with the help of our application, and telnet the most common mistake users on Windows: “807 the network connection computer to the server. “” interrupted a virtual private network.
The problems, of course, not only undergoes Seed4.Me. service representatives claim that other popular VPN providers are now also do not work in China. These data come from the company’s customers: many users in China are using multiple VPN-services in order to avoid total isolation from the outside world.
Also in the last two weeks in the App Store on demand “vpn” in the tops of the same type, a host of non-VPN applications from China, while running applications fell to grant, plus they intensified pressure from the iTunes moderators. On this basis, in Seed4.Me suggest that the government of China or “found a hole” in iTunes, or the Apple support enlisted in the struggle with the VPN application that allows users to enter the blocked China’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

26 August 2016

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