Neyrosetka talked to FCB

In early August, our neural network OneBox Next entered into correspondence with FCB until victory was trying to sell yourself, as well as our vendors behave.

Bypassing all the filter, she was able to register a formal appeal and reach out to the head of department.

We only found out about it a week ago, when CRM has set the task to one of our staff members: “Lead #xxxxx sent a reply, the network came to a standstill, it is necessary to continue the communication.”
Indeed, on a PDF with scanned blank she did not know how to react …

This we did not expect!

Two weeks ago, we announced our new development OneBox Next - CRM with neural network. Neural network itself is still in the process of development, testing and training, but we are already using it to work:

our support-in helps make it the most appropriate response to the client;
our sales-am it shows the most successful sales chain that led to the transactions;
CRM itself collects contact customer field required us and join with them in conversation on algorithms that automatically rebuilt on the basis of previous experience.

PS: It seems that in communications with public authorities only artificial intelligence is able to go through this entire bureaucracy.

24 August 2016

“Kaspersky Lab” has developed its own operating system
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• In London, will 5G mobile network by 2020 »»»
The UK capital will be one of the first large cities, where residents will be able to use mobile networks 5G.
• "Not Another Teen" project "Ship" updated ERP-system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX with the support MAYKOR-GMCS »»»
The network of children's shops "Boat" with the support of MAYKOR-GMCS has launched into operation a new management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
• Ministry of Communications sends the IT-industry to self-regulation »»»
Ministry of Communications intends to transfer responsibility for the development of the market for information technology IT-companies.
• Hearst Shkulev Digital buys the largest city portal Yakutia -YKT.RU »»»
Group of companies "turn blue" (the Civil Code "to turn blue") officially announces the sale of 100% stake in their companies Hearst Shkulev Digital.
• Anton Nosik: Internet does not justify the hopes »»»
Last week, just two influential New York edition published a

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