Launched Free Tenders digital-Service WORKSPACE

Source: Proactivity Group opened a beta version of its new project Service[[t:tag slug=servis]Service will be the main meeting place for customers and executors of digital services.

The most important thing about the project:
- This Tenders digital-services, such as: the development of websites and applications, contextual advertising and search engine optimization. On WORKSPACE customers will be able to choose for themselves the best performer, performers - to find his client.

- The project is the largest in RuNet executing companies base - more than 10,500 digital-agencies. It is common to other projects of the company - CMS Magazine and “Rating Runet.”

- Service is free for customers and performers.

- Unlike freelance exchanges, this area focuses on the digital-services in the field of b2b: most artists - not freelancers and agencies and studios. Among the customers who had already organized tenders for other sites Proactivity, many large companies with large-scale projects.

- One and the same company can act on the court and as a performer and as a customer - this is an interesting opportunity for large digital-agencies.

About says Sergey recklessness, CEO Proactivity Group: “The idea we had more than five years ago on our other projects -.” Rating Runet “and CMS Magazine - Tenders have been for a long time, but just as one of the sections on the site. for example, on “Rating Runet” customers to create a tender - and the application is sent to agencies.
But last year we finally decided to make a tender area in a separate project. We went to take it seriously - researched the market, looking for the name of a few months - and finally came up with WORKSPACE. We worked with the corporate style and make a great design. And, of course, made simple and convenient structure - with the service is simple to operate and customers, and the performers, everything is intuitive.
On WORKSPACE can do everything: create a tender, discuss it with the performers, to clarify the details, select the appropriate agency or studio. The fact that the site can conduct all communications - it is an opportunity and a feature, not a limitation. Customer and performer will decide for themselves how they choose to communicate - on our website, or via email and phone.
We plan to develop the service, and it is important for it to be convenient and reliable. So now, after launch, we particularly need feedback. We welcome all who will respond and share with us your suggestions and wishes. ”
For more information about how to work WORKSPACE arranged, can be viewed here:

22 July 2016

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