Erdogan explained why appealed to the people during the coup through a mobile app for the IPhone “FaceTime”: he could not go on the air of national television channels and other media

The Turkish President said that he had to get in touch with the private media through this application, because he could not go on the air national channels.

When the coup, the Turkish leader was on holiday in Marmaris with his family. If he had stayed there a little longer, the rebels would kill him.

On the night of 15 July 16 on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara there were clashes involving aviation. The President appealed to the people to explain what is happening. As a communication channel he chose the FaceTime app.

- I would like to appeal to all the Turkish people through TV channels. But national television did not reach the people who are not broadcast in homes. So we moved on to plan “B” on the media and broadcasting in general. We turned to mobile phones, smartphones and online broadcasting of private TV channels. And with the help of these funds, I urged people to take to the streets, on the squares of their cities. And the first news I received immediately after the treatment, was that people really began to take to the streets en masse, - he explained his actions in an interview with the president of CNN.

During his speech, which was transmitted through the mobile app for the IPhone, Erdogan blamed the coup attempt preacher Gülen supporters and urged his supporters to take to the streets.

19 July 2016

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