“Kaspersky Lab” has developed its own operating system

KasperskyOS be used in critical infrastructures and devices in industrial and enterprise networks.

antivirus solution developers have already implemented in the routing layer L3 Switch, developed by Kraftway, according to “Kaspersky Lab“.

Secure operating system KasperskyOS was designed “from scratch”, the company said. The basic principle of KasperskyOS - “not allowed everything that is not allowed.” This eliminates the possibility of exploitation of known vulnerabilities like, and those that will be discovered in the future.

“Our experience has shown that the modernization of the common operating system in order to increase their level of security will not help to achieve the desired results, as they have architectural flaws is why we have created a fundamentally new operating system in which security is a top priority, -., He said, explaining the purpose of developing a new OS Andrew Duhvalov, head of advanced technology management, “Kaspersky Lab”.

18 August 2016

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• Kaspersky told reporters of the newspaper The New York Times, said that Russian programmers and hackers, the most skilful in the world »»»
Russian software makers, as well as cyberhawks from Russia are the most skilled in the world.
• Institute for the Development of the Internet began to develop network development program »»»
The program is designed to provide digital sovereignty, protection of global vulnerabilities and neutralizing a variety of network risks.
• The operating system is designed for a special purpose government agencies - the general director of "NPO RusBITeh" »»»
Scientific Production Association "Russian Basic Information Technologies" ("RusBITeh") together with
• In Russia, the market began to work for the sale of "gaps" in the software »»»
As the "Kommersant", Russia has earned the first exchange, on which developers and hackers will sell vulnerabilities in popular software such as Adobe Flash, Windows, Tor, iOS and others.
• In Russia, for the first time created a secure operating system »»»
On the establishment of the Russian version of the operating system (OS) Tizen was announced on 2 June.

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