Senators want zaborot devil Pokemon Go

The feeling that the devil has come through this mechanism, and just trying to ruin us from within spiritually, - commented Klintsevich influences of Western culture and the emergence of Pokemon Go. - But I understand that this is the sphere of control of today is extremely difficult. It seems that it is imposed on people from the outside who understands exactly what will take place a year or two, and the consequences will be irreversible.

The proposed measures, despite the parliamentary recess, will be discussed in the Council of the Federation, as many members of the upper chamber, as well as the bottom, still working on it, “Izvestia” said the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich.

According to him, for the development of the necessary restrictions it is important to attract professional people, and the question to give an extremely broad public discussion. Individual attention and emerging augmented reality helmets.

18 July 2016

Roskomnadzor blocked at the request of the investigator site “Criminal Russia”
Erdogan explained why appealed to the people during the coup through a mobile app for the IPhone “FaceTime”: he could not go on the air of national television channels and other media

• Bloggers make to become accredited journalists »»»
Russian lawmakers want to develop a monitoring system in social networks by analogy with Israel.
• In Ukraine, opened the world's first Ministry sajtostroenija:) »»»
Web Studio Saytoprom or sajtostroenija Ministry of Ukraine in 2008.
• RF Ministry of Justice called the Internet a breeding ground of extremism and lobbied for a new bill that would give officials the right to close any objectionable them sites. »»»
First Deputy Justice Minister Alexander Fedorov believes that “the Internet is the main distributor of the most radical and extremist ideas.
• The State Duma is ready to legally regulate the Internet. The bill is ready and in the coming days will begin to review. »»»
State Duma Committee on Information Policy has prepared a draft law regulating legal relations in the global network.
• Italy wants to introduce a "tax on the Google" »»»
Italian ruling party proposes to approve the law in the country.

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