Leaks often occur not because of hackers, but because of the stupidity and confusion

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The vast majority of large companies are not able to prevent the theft of confidential information, and the violation of trade secrets. Often they do not even try to do it and are not aware of any leakages or hide them. This is evidenced by the results of a study that conducted research center Ponemon Institute and the company Fasoo, specializing in data protection.

Based on the collected data, the main cause of leaks - carelessness of employees. This accounts for 56% of incidents. In 37% of cases of leakage occurs as a result of loss or stolen device. 35% of incidents is due to a third-party error. Rarer confidential information is lost by the fault of criminals that have no direct connection with the company. Share this factor is only 22%.

64% of companies surveyed admitted that they were unable to prevent the transmission of confidential documents to third parties. More often secrets fall into the hands of employees who should not have access to them. The uncontrolled dissemination of confidential information within the company is observed in 73% of cases.

Often, companies simply do not know exactly where the most sensitive documents and who can access them. In 48% of the organizations employees store sensitive documents on their home computers or mobile devices, and none of this is not fighting. In 58% of companies allowed to use the free services for storing and sharing files - such as, for example, Dropbox.

In 77% of companies had never organized an audit of how they are stored confidential documents. 69% of those who still went to this step, found to information security problems.

Opreatsionny Fasoo Director Ron Arden did not see anything surprising results of the study. According to him, many people do not realize how often ikommercheskie secrets fall on the eyes are not those to whom they are addressed. At the same time companies have every reason not to advertise their punctures, so incidents rarely know strangers.

The matter is complicated by the fact that the means to knock on the protection of data is almost impossible. “Information Director asks management resources to plug the holes, - explains Arden -. Manual interest in him, whether there were leaks in the past year, he admits that did not happen, and they refuse to allocate the money.”.

15 June 2016

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