Battles and battles.

Directly to the Battle[/[t:tag slug=srazhenie]Battle of Stalingrad (battle) was preceded by heavy defeats that carried the Red Army, for the reason that the weapons and armored vehicles were scattered. Under the plan SHAPE ought to dislodge the Germans from the Crimea, Sevastopol and unlock a blow to barvenkovskogo tabs on the Kharkov go to the line of the Dnieper, thereby forming the conditions for a transition into a general offensive tanks and other armored vehicles. The German command, by contrast, was planning to seize the Crimea, to open the way to the Caucasus on the Black Sea coast, cut formed in the winter “tabs” and straighten the front, the release of additional troops for a decisive breakthrough in the south. See photo.

15 February 2011

Sony Ericsson and Huawei are preparing smartphones with GLONASS
Nokia: Plan B abolished 36 hours after its publication

• Created around TV - A man can see what is happening off screen »»»
“If you watch TV and hear the approaching helicopter in surround sound, is not it great to just turn around and see the helicopter?
• Wolfschanze 2. Fall of the Third Reich (2010/RUS/ND) »»»
Description: The Second World War in full swing. The Germans developed a new cipher machine, which delivers a lot of problems exploration advancing Red Army.
• Strip Ornaments »»»
Apparently, after drawing transferred to the drawing of clean, running his band of ink and colored or toned plane.
• Black Sea ecological system is not time to self-clean »»»
The Black Sea is slowly dying - constantly increasing volume of maritime transport.
• YouTube launched a service videobitv »»»
Video Hosting YouTube introduced a service Slam, in which users can vote for one of two proposed commercials.

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