Roskomnadzor blocked at the request of the investigator site “Criminal Russia”

The court blocked access to popular resources about the crime “Criminal Russia” for violating the law on personal data. The decision was made at the suit of the Moscow investigator who want to block another 55 pages

Roskomnadzor included in the register of banned resources “Criminal Russia” site that publishes crime news relating to the criminal authorities, law enforcement officers and officials. On average, for the three months audience was around 470 thousand. Man in Russia, and the number of page views the site has exceeded 1.8 million, follows from Liveinternet statistics.

The decision was made about blocking by order of the Simonovsky Court of Moscow. It was issued on 3 June. The Court concluded that the site violated the law “On Personal Data”, published personal information about the person who gave the consent, it follows from the decision of the court, which is at the disposal of RBC.

The lawsuit, which is considered the court, was filed on 6 May. As the plaintiff in the materials specified Abdul Dzhamalhanov. As the “Criminal Russia” is an investigator of the capital management of the TFR, which has participated in various conflicts and accepted “the decision to conduct searches in dozens of firms and banks on minor criminal cases.” Lifenews wrote (have to H2) that Dzhamalhanov shot the man in the restaurant in Moscow.

To suit applied Dzhamalhanova appeal to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov with a request to restrict access to a total of 55 pages on the same grounds. This, for example, media sites, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Lifenews, “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and “Mediazona”.

Also in the case file, which was seen in the Simonovsky court has screenshots of the pages from the site “Crime in Russia.” On one of the screens were sealed dossiers on Deputy Prosecutor General Gennady Lopatin, who is mentioned in the investigation of the Fund’s fight against corruption on the business empire of the sons of the head of the supervisory authority Yuri Chaika.

13 July 2016

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