Kaspersky told reporters of the newspaper The New York Times, said that Russian programmers and hackers, the most skilful in the world

Russian software makers, as well as cyberhawks from Russia are the most skilled in the world. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the newspaper The New York Times, published on Friday, Director General of “Kaspersky Lab” Evgeny Kaspersky.

“We live in the Middle Ages in regard cybersphere - leads edition of the words -. It is now more features, more technology, more services, but lacks security.”

As the newspaper notes, “Kaspersky and his company are on the front line in the fight against hacker groups”. The newspaper pointed out that the Russian explains two reasons. “Russian software developers - the best, unfortunately, Russian cybercriminals - as the best”, - he explained.

According to Kaspersky, hackers in Russia by actively implementing their malware. “They not only break into the victim’s information, they also sell other gang related technology - added the Russian -. In the US and Asia, hundreds of those who (from) suffered.”

“Kaspersky Lab” launches a set of programs for information security and is one of the world’s largest companies operating in this field. Evgeny Kaspersky since 2007 is its general director, he owns 79% stake in the company.

In 2015, the American magazine Forbes first included Kaspersky in its list of the richest people in the world, placing it in the 1741 th place with a fortune of $ 1 billion. For achievements in the development of modern computer information security systems Kaspersky in 2009 was awarded the State Prize of Russia in science and technology. He is also the recipient of numerous prizes and awards in the computer field

11 June 2016

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American Journal of Fast Company for the first time included in the list of 50 most innovative companies in the world at once two Russian companies - Yandex and Kaspersky Labs.
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Today kicked off the largest Russian championship on programming - Russian Code Cup, whose main goal - to identify and support talent in the field of IT.
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Scientific Production Association "Russian Basic Information Technologies" ("RusBITeh") together with

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