A former developer of Fable Legends store called Windows 10 crash

Development “fritupleyki” Fable Legends turned to the collapse of Lionhead Studios: the owners of the Microsoft simply closed the studio, not even releasing almost finished the game. Now former employees distribute anonymous interview where curious details emerge. For example, on the “success” (yes, in quotes) built into Windows 10 application store.

When Lionhead started creating Fable Legends, about any Windows 10, it did not reflect. The initial plan was to run the game on the Xbox One, and after some time - and on the PC, moreover, likely via Steam.

However, Microsoft then ordered the developers to tie Fable Legends several additional widgets. First it was SmartGlass (second screen support through a mobile device), and then the DirectX 12.

But most of all hurt the project imposed on cross-platform between the PC and Xbox One. This meant that Fable Legends will be released only on Windows 10 through Windows Store. Consequently, the game audience is greatly reduced, and for the “fritupleek” it’s like a death sentence. Source of Lionhead called the refusal by Steam a hassle.

In addition, Windows Store at that time showed itself not with the best hand. An anonymous developer reports that 98% of copies Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC were sold via Steam. But the adventures of Lara was one of the flagships of Windows 10 store! A similar thing happened with Minecraft, which is wholly owned by Microsoft. Moreover, in the Windows Store has been a surprising number of users who have not turned banal to install the game.

His nail in the coffin Fable Legends hammered and weaknesses circulation Xbox One with Windows 10. Microsoft expected that the console and the operating system will fly around the world twice as fast.

In general, according to a former employee of Lionhead, in case Microsoft gaming trends are bad.

10 June 2016

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