Google allocates 1 billion hours of CPU time for research

We are pleased to announce a new grant for research: Google Exacycle. Through this program, we reward of up to 10 qualified researchers for at least 100 million hours each. A total of 1 billion. The program is designed for scalable, processor-dependent calculations in the areas of research such as biomedicine, energy, finance, entertainment, agriculture and others.

10 April 2011

Researchers found that News2 useful for staff
Chris Kaposela became vice-president of Microsoft

• The next generation of Chinese Godson processor will be available on the standards of 28 nm »»»
The leading architect of China’s development program, told the processors at Hot Chips conference on the future plans of the founders of processors Godson.
• Microsoft is the first time in the history of losses to »»»
Computer giant Microsoft first announced the loss. In this quarter, especially things went badly with its branch Quantive, which specializes in network advertising.
• Google has released an application on the basis of service Wave »»»
Google has released an application on the basis of service to teamwork Wave.
• Windows 8 will force Intel to fight new competitors »»»
For the first time in the history of Windows, the new version of the operating system from Microsoft will support processors ARM.
• By the end of the year a third of the world's population will be connected to the Internet »»»
Over the past five years, the number of Internet users worldwide has doubled.

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