sold in London, shares of $ 1 billion

More than $ 1 billion won Group and its shareholders from selling shares in the IPO. Get this barrier internet companies helped the organizers of placements that have implemented the option and purchased an additional 3,290,000 common shares at $ 92 million, analysts warn that stock prices could collapse by almost a third.

Banks Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and VTB Capital helped Group to place shares on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Today the internet company said that the organizers used the IPO option, and place additional 3,292,000 shares at $ 27.7 per share. Thus, the proportion of shares in free circulation (free float) reached 18,4%, and revenues earned from the placement of the company and its shareholders of $ 1.003 billion, the lion’s share - more than $ 900 million - were selling shareholders, the very same company with regard to the exercise of the option was 10 times less - $ 92 million

The shares were sold by the organizers placement within the option greenshoe, which gave banks the right to sell additional packages on the stock exchange at a high demand for shares. This option is used as a tool to stabilize the price of paper.

Conditional trading securities Group began with the growth stocks by 41% - to $ 39 per share. Bidding opened today at $ 36.9 per share. Unconditional trading will commence on November 11.

Prospects Group managed to hold placement on the top of the range - at $ 27.7 per share, making it the largest Internet company traded in Europe. Its capitalization is $ 5.7 billion earlier Group reported that funds from the IPO will be partly directed to purchase additional 7.5% of the capital social network facebook for $ 112.5 million The company expects in 2011 to bring its share in the social network to approximately 39.99%.

“Yandex” take an example?

But he did not rule out that after Group on the stock exchange will “Yandex”, inspired by a high estimation of a competitor. According to estimates Voronkov, current market value of Russia’s largest search engine is approx

10 November 2010

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Modernizatsiya: examples from

• Facebook shares in an IPO valued at $ 38, the company - at $ 104 billion »»»
Price shares the world’s largest social network Facebook in the
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NEW YORK, May 24. U.S. bank Morgan Stanley, organizer of the IPO Facebook, adjusts the value of the stock of social network for private clients.
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Shares of the Russian Internet search engine “Yandex” on the stock exchange in New York, July 28, first fell more than 13 percent and then rose by more than 10 percent.
• Google dropped out of the top three most expensive high-tech companies in the world »»»
At the end of January 2011 the American company IBM has overtaken on market capitalization.
• Facebook Shares have fallen 32% since the IPO »»»
In today’s trading on the NASDAQ market value of the company overcame the next psychological barrier - $ 26 per share.

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