The research activity of Internet users shows that interest in mobile applications and social networks Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter is lost

The study, published in the SimilarWeb portal, data on the use of Android-application of four popular social networks were analyzed. It was compiled statistics on Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US, which showed that in 2016 in most countries, people spend time on social networks is less than a year ago.

For example, the American people now spend Instagram in about 20 minutes a day, while the number of years ago it has reached the level of 29 minutes. In France, in particular significantly reduce the time spent on the Twitter feed: from 20 to 13 minutes.

According to the study, the only country where people began to use Facebook, is Spain Spanish users spend there about one minute more than a year ago.

In the second part of the study analyzes the social networks installation of applications on Android smartphones, which basically also decreased compared to last year. On average, install all four applications in the nine surveyed countries decreased by 9%.

At the same time, the study authors note that the number of plants grown messengers vice versa. For example, Whatsapp is now set to 20% Android-smartphones, whereas in the past year he was only 15% of the devices.

9 June 2016

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