Hacker taught a good lesson cheater, forcing him to set the cipher Locky

Source: xakep.ru

Researcher from France Kwiatkowski Ivan (Ivan Kwiatkowski) said in his blog how he was able to teach the scammers, posing as a technical support specialist. The expert was able to cheat a cheater and forced him to set Locky blackmailer on your own computer.

Kwiatkowski says that fraudsters posing as representatives of technical support, he decided to get even a reason. It all started when my parents came to the site investigator of scams and those convinced the elderly that they are infected with a dangerous trojan Zeus.

“This monstrous HTML-unit includes everything: audio message that is played automatically, endless alerts the JavaScript, blue background with encrypted file names, which brings us back to the days of the blue screen of death Windows, and even website showed rendomny IP-address instead of the IP visitor, “- says the researcher (see the photo above.).

Although parents Kwiatkowski computer repaired quickly, after returning home, he decided to punish cheaters. He picked up a virtual machine, went to the site and called the number, which was announced on the website in a number of technical support. The researchers were able to talk with the two operators of the false call center in India, and the conversation in the beginning was formed not too good as Kwiatkowski spoke French, and “support staff” language almost did not know. However, during the second call, a specialist has agreed to buy from scams package proposed by them for € 299.99, and began to dictate the operator to test credit card numbers with getcreditcardnumbers.com site.

As long as the operator tried to withdraw money from a test bank card, Kwiatkowski visited another idea. He opened his mailbox and found a spam folder and downloaded from openly phishing email attached file. It was a ZIP-file containing the JavaScript file and cipher Locky, so widespread today.

Source: xakep.ru

Researcher renamed in Malvar Photo (823) .png.zip and stated that he had vision problems and he may have misread the numbers on the credit card. Kwiatkowski asked the support of the operator to see the “Photo”. File Expert gave the swindler in the chat, which was launched in parallel with the telephone conversation. “I tried to open your photos, but nothing happened,” - he said after a while the scammer, not knowing that at this time Locky already encrypt all files.

“In conclusion, I can say - writes Kwiatkowski - that when you come across even the most obvious scam, your civic duty -. Is to act as if you’re at it bought If you speak French, you definitely worth spending 15 minutes, call them on the number +339 75 18 77 63 and try to use them on social engineering, forcing them to do something cool. “

9 August 2016

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