Google: the most popular in the world request associated with Russia - “Russian Blue Cat”

In France, a Russian associated “Russian hamsters”, and in Japan - “Russian bug” (for us it’s the usual turtle)


MOSCOW, June 7th. / TASS /. The most popular search engine in the world request associated with Russia - “Russian Blue Cat,” and foreigners interested in dolls and hats with earflaps. This was stated by an analyst at the department on work with key clients Google Aram Asatryan, speaking at Google Think Performance Conference.
“We conducted a study, which are things that are associated in other countries with Russian most popular pet in the United Kingdom -. Russian Blue Cat, is generally the most popular searches in the world, coupled with Russia”, - he said. At the same time in France and Russia are associated “Russian hamsters”, and in Japan - “Russian bug” (for us it’s the usual turtle), Google explained the analyst.

French, Spanish and Japanese are most of all the information related to Russia, looking on the Internet information about Russian women, the Google analyst said. “Unfortunately, no one Russian man needs: only 6% are looking for Russian women, while 94% are looking for Russian women”, - he said. “United Kingdom - the only country where the need is not” Russian women “, and” Russian bride “, - he said.

According to Asatryan, Russian goods from the most popular in France - is matryoshka, while in the UK - “Russian wedding ring.” “As I told my colleagues, it is quite usual ring that was once done by Cartier (the famous French manufacturer of jewelry - Ed.). And someone else” - said the analyst.
In Spain, often looking in Google “Russian hat with earflaps” and “Russian belt”. “It’s a sports device, it uses Messi (Lionel, famous football player - approx Tass.) In no other country I have not found mention of the fact that the belt -. Russia, although it is used by all football team,” - said Google analyst. The most popular Russian thing in Japan - Russian Roulette.

The most popular of the Russian food in France and Saudi Arabia enjoy caviar, and in the UK - Russian tea. In Spain, like candy from Russia, and Japan - mayonnaise, the Google representative said. The most popular searches in Russia about France - “French kissing”, and with England the Russians are associated, primarily, English bulldogs. Residents of Russia are often looking for information about the Spanish Premier League and the Japanese crossword puzzles.

8 June 2016

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