Sophos Anti-Virus file winlogon.exe considered dangerous and blocked the entrance to the Windows


False positive response antiviruses can not be called rare, but they do not always deliver as much inconvenience as endured over the weekend users of Sophos products. Since the anti-virus solutions are found that winlogon.exe file is dangerous, the login process in Windows were blocked, and users are cut off from their own system.

Last weekend, in social networks (especially Twitter) could be seen a barrage of angry messages from users of 32-bit version of Windows 7 SP1. People could not get the login procedure and enter the system as authorization forms instead they saw only a blank black screen.

It turned out that a massive failure was caused by the updating of Sophos anti-virus products. The system file is located at C: \ WindowsSystem32 \ winlogon.exe, perceived as an anti-virus solutions spayvar Troj / FarFli-CT. As a result, antivirus blocked the login screen, leaving the user to enjoy a black screen. Some users are also able to see the console Sophos Enterprise (in the Sophos Central and Sophos Home) message that the specified address is detected the threat, but treatment is not possible.

In the Monday, September 5, Sophos experts finally eliminated the error. The developers write blog that users who are not able to even log in, you just need to start the computer and … wait for about 15 minutes. That should be enough to Sophos products are updated and re-make it possible to winlogon.exe. Also in some cases you may need to restore the most winlogon.exe file (if the Microsoft System Protection feature has been disabled, and antivirus deleted a file), in this situation, Sophos asks users to contact the company’s technical support specialists.

6 September 2016

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