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Participants of e-procurement market alone solve the problem of trading systems.
To participate in electronic trading is not easy, the process is further complicated when important contracts are broken due to technical imperfections marketplaces. Lockups and other software failures each year become a cause financial losses for thousands of companies. If the lot cost millions rubles (or even billions) - software failure results can be fatal to the party. After failures occur not only at the stage of research proposals, but also during the direct trades. Sin like imperfection almost all commercial and public electronic systems.

According to market professionals, deal with technical imperfection marketplaces - possible: through the development of alternative information systems. This is not about creating new marketplaces (which in our country and so there are more than 7000), and the development of reference resources that would have accumulated daily information on all the proposals in the country.

It is worth noting that such sites already exist: they are created by private companies providing intermediary services in electronic trading. However, almost all these developments have personal shortcomings and far from perfect. Some are “terminally ill” failures, and other difficult to handle, others are deprived of user-friendly interface, the fourth requires special knowledge and skills - and so on.

Association of Purchasing players held a meeting with one of the developers of information-analytical system, which predicts the imminent appearance of a universal working tool in our country. Center for conclusion of a contract for many years working on the improvement of its own design: a trading system that provides information on millions of public and commercial proposals, and updates these items on a daily basis. Initial data collected by various means: including unique software that monitors thousands of sources and forms one single database.

To avoid errors, each copied item additionally checked manually by specialists: reconciled data about addresses and contact data of customers, the amount of proposals, deadlines for applications, etc. Extensive work by the team of moderators of several dozen people. They identify the most common errors, and in case of discrepancies manually adjust the data already on the server.

In particular, present at the meeting with AUZ told the moderator that “Experts know in advance which customers can make mistakes when filling out the proposals and give them special attention. In particular, the enhanced monitoring is carried out for proposals courts and city administrations, whose employees do not always correctly fill documents, and the software does not allow to upload the data on trading floors correctly “.

Additional verification lots of third-party forces leads to a significant improvement of information for potential performers. If the error (or customers deliberately hide some of the data) may occur on the initial trading platforms, the treated base such problems anymore.

This software product developers emphasize that the fight against commercial systems can only errors in the selection of proposals. Creating a smooth trading platform is not feasible: in the light of the fact that the Russian government is discussing the creation of a unified state trading system (as recently stated by the head of the RF Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev). This means that the appearance of alternative electronic platforms can be automatically prohibited despite its potential convenience and stability. Therefore, investing in the creation of such a system to private companies is not appropriate.

On the part of the Association to the concerns of developers concerned with understanding and further stressed that the creation of a unified trading platform may further worsen the situation in the field of e-commerce, as many times increase the load on the server, so - will increase the likelihood of failures. In addition, disabling the only trading system can automatically paralyze the entire e-commerce in the country.

5 August 2016

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