African nature defenders suffered from Windows 10 updates


Voluntary-compulsory update to Windows 10 brings a lot of problems for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. For many, this minor inconvenience, but some people Windows 10 does the real damage: “I live in the Central African Republic, - complains one of the angry Reddit user under the nickname zambuka42 - We pay a slow satellite internet, and we believe every megabyte only one of our computers surreptitiously.. 6 GB downloaded installation files Windows 10. on these computers, we keep track of their rangers and a GPS coordinate operations against poachers. F * You, Microsoft! “.

The user explains that it is not only money, but also the fact that computers have guaranteed to be in working order at each time point: “If a forced update will begin and will damage your computer at a time when we are coordinating the Rangers under fire armed paramilitary poachers … real blood will be on your hands, Microsoft “, - he says.


“I just recently arrived at the base as a pilot … but I do have some knowledge in computers that guy who set up the computers, did not know how to properly set up or set limit internet connection I am very angry..” - He writes zambuka42.


Zambuka42 fears are well founded. We still remember very well how to upgrade from Windows 10 burst into the live broadcast on television, and was interrupted by the weather forecast.


In another case, he suffered a pro-gamer who conducted a live broadcast of the match via Twitch on thousandth audience - his computer suddenly began to be updated.

Unfortunately, not all users to install software that blocks GWX module and prevents the automatic download of the installation files Windows 10. For example, the program GWX Control Panel or Never10, who edits a group policy in the system settings (see. Detailed explanation of what makes Never10).

Note. Satellite communications in remote areas of Africa is charged at $ 5 per megabyte. Thus, “free” upgrade to Windows 10, there were anti-poaching unit of the Central African Republic at approximately $ 30,720.

4 June 2016

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