Operators offer go directly to the big data technology (storage of large volumes of unstructured data) for security: it is more effective and cheaper than storing conversations

At the meeting, representatives of operators with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, which told the staff of the two telecommunications companies and confirmed by a source in the government were discussed, in particular, questions the use of analytics of large volumes of unstructured information (technology “big data”, Big Data) for national security and the fight against terrorism. One representative described how to use this technology to identify potential terrorists by analyzing activity in cyberspace.

Meeting with Dvorkovich held shortly before the adoption of the amendments Spring State Duma and approved by the Federation Council. However, according to a government source, the discussion had nothing to do with this bill. Vice Prime Minister called the offers operators a good idea.

Operators hope that the analysis of large data sets can be a more effective alternative to the approved amendments. Big Data technology is already being used by law enforcement agencies in their activities. Earlier, Director of Legal Affairs and Relations with state bodies “MegaFon” Anna Serebryanikova told “Vedomosti” that in the UK with the help of Big Data are looking for the relationship between the police databases and information from open sources, ePolice project reveals cybercrime trends, human trafficking and drug trafficking and Chinese Situation-Aware Public security Evaluation (SAPE) platform evaluates the level of security based on the analysis of video surveillance data.

The general director of the company - developer of solutions for intelligent video surveillance “Vocord” Timur Vekilov believes that the technology associated with the analysis of large data, have already proved their efficiency and their implementation would cost much cheaper than building a huge data warehouse with excess capacity.

Rates Spring bill come into force from July 1, 2018. According to experts, from the industry and the government enough time to find an acceptable option, eliminating inefficient and costly solutions.

4 July 2016

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