Google will pay for the identified errors on their websites

Google Inc. will pay for Internet users who discovered the vulnerability on its site. The launch of the loyalty program users reported in the official blog of Google Online Security.
The first company to be interested in the vulnerabilities that allow access to personal data of users in the most popular sites. As an example Google brings its own site, and others.

A blog specially stipulates that when searching for vulnerabilities, users should only use a test or their own account. Google representatives also asked not to use the automatic detection system vulnerabilities so as not to provoke disruptions of online services company.

Size of base pay for the identified vulnerability will be 500 dollars. However, it can increase to 3,133.7 dollars depending on the degree of importance of individual vulnerability.

Note that similar remuneration claimed by both users to identify vulnerabilities in the projects of Google Chromium. The corresponding program rewards was launched in January 2010. A list of some users who have received money from Google for the identification of vulnerabilities can be found here.

2 November 2010

Access to the site The Times paid for more than 200 thousand users
Russians spend on the Internet 600 billion rubles in 2010

• Access to the site The Times paid for more than 200 thousand users »»»
News International was first disclosed details of subscribers to online versions of the British edition of The Times and Sunday Times, reported The Guardian.
• Hackers infiltrated the Google through friends of employees »»»
Organizers of the December cyberattacks on Google, Adobe and other big companies used to infiltrate the network of friends of employees.
• In Russia, the market began to work for the sale of "gaps" in the software »»»
As the "Kommersant", Russia has earned the first exchange, on which developers and hackers will sell vulnerabilities in popular software such as Adobe Flash, Windows, Tor, iOS and others.
• 27 thousand Facebook users have deleted their pages in protest against granting the company of their personal information to advertisers »»»
Thousands of users in one day removed their pages in the social network Facebook, to compel the company to change its policy in respect of personal data of users.
• Twitter infected with a virus »»»
As a result of infection with the virus microblogging service Twitter, infected nearly half a million accounts.

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