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Sophos Anti-Virus file winlogon.exe considered dangerous and blocked the entrance to the Windows

Source: False positive response antiviruses can not be called rare, but they do not always deliver as much inconvenience as endured over the weekend users of Sophos products. Since the anti-virus solutions are found that winlogon.

6 September 2016

New automated algorithm of Facebook put forward on the first place among “popular” news false information (fake)

Facebook has dismissed part of the staff responsible for the formation of the block “Popular” (Trending) - tapes with the most discussed news. Then the company announced the service automation. The results were “disastrous.

30 August 2016

“VKontakte” will launch a domestic money transfer model “Odnoklassniki”

Social Network “VKontakte” will launch money transfers between users until the end of this year. The function will be available in the web version, as well as in mobile applications. This “News” told several sources familiar with the plans of the social network.

29 August 2016

Chinese authorities blocked VPN services on the eve of the G20 summit

4-5 September 2016 in China, located in Hangzhou, will host a summit “Big Twenty”, the participants of which are the 20 countries that represent the largest national economy in the world. service representatives told Seed4.

26 August 2016

Neyrosetka talked to FCB

In early August, our neural network OneBox Next entered into correspondence with FCB until victory was trying to sell yourself, as well as our vendors behave. Bypassing all the filter, she was able to register a formal appeal and reach out to the head of department.

24 August 2016

“Kaspersky Lab” has developed its own operating system

KasperskyOS be used in critical infrastructures and devices in industrial and enterprise networks. antivirus solution developers have already implemented in the routing layer L3 Switch, developed by Kraftway, according to “Kaspersky Lab”. Secure operating system KasperskyOS was designed “from scratch”, the company said.

18 August 2016

Microsoft accidentally [?] Forgot the code debugging mode that allows circumvent UEFI Secure Boot

Source: Two independent researchers, known as pseudonyms MY123 and the Slipstream, revealed dangerous error in Windows. The bug allows to bypass Secure Boot feature, which does not install on Windows-based device is a different operating system, and also protects the device against rootkits that can hack bootloader.

12 August 2016

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